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Bosun is a leading manufacturer of value-added concrete products ranging from paving bricks and slabs, precast kerbs and retaining wall blocks. As illustrated on our logo, Bosun values business that will sustain over the long term. It’s aim is to build our business and resulting partnerships based on human integrity.

Bosun’s branches in Gauteng, North West and the Eastern Cape are equipped with State-of-the-art German manufacturing equipment that gives the company the edge on the integrity of the product.

Apart from being installed at thousands of homes, Bosun’s paving, kerbs and retaining wall blocks can be seen at various landmarks and important commercial and industrial developments throughout South Africa. Some prestigious projects include; Mall of Africa, Nelson Mandela Square, the Coega Harbour Development and various Bus Rapid Transport Systems (BRT).

It is Bosun’s intention not only to be a supplier to the construction industry, but to also contribute to the industry itself and work towards improving the industry. To this end, Bosun is a member of the American Paving (ICPI) and Retaining wall (NCMA) associations who gave them access to the leading world’s leading installation training and design guidelines which they have in turn made available to the South African market.

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